Recreational 4K Camera Drones

Recreational Drones provide great capabilities for the price.  As you can see by the wealth of drone videos on You-Tube, drones are being used to enhance just about every outdoor activity.  The Flight Performance of these Drones is enhanced with GPS, WiFi, Longer Battery Life, Altitude Hold, One Key Takeoff & Landing plus much better Radio Links between the Remote Controller and the Drone.  


The Camera is capable of shooting 4K video and at least 12MP for still photos.  The Performance of the Camera is further enhanced with a 3-axis gimbal to provide rock-steady video even if the drone is maneuvering.  Many of these drones are designed for the arms to fold into the body of the drone, making your drone much more portable.  You can now put one of these drones and its controller in a small backpack and head out for your next sport.


With the cost of these drones between about $400 and $1000, it is now affordable to have the same technology in a Recreational Drone that was available only in Commercial Drones a couple of years ago.  Some Commercial Drone Pilots are now using some of these more portable drones for applications when transporting one of the larger Commercial Drones would be a challenge.


One Drone that fits into either Recreational or Commercial is from SwellPro where both the drone and the Remote Controller are fully waterproof.  If you want videos of Water Skiing or Surfing check out a SwellPro.

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